Four standards for measuring the good times of shower rooms

1. Security ·Safety is embodied in the R&D and design of a reasonable structure between hardware (including aluminum) and glass. ·Safety is embodied in high-quality stainless steel raw materials. ·Safety is reflected in the imported explosion-proof film on the glass of the shower room.

Don't have the bathroom space of the sky, solve many major issues in life

The bathroom space in the home is often not very large, but there is a feeling of "top priority". You will solve many things in this small space, detox and beautify, bathe and change clothes, read books and newspapers, I want to be quiet, and think about life... It seems to be compared to the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen , It’s more private and more eclectic here. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to spend some energy and time to build a bathroom. Let’s take a look at the decoration and equipment of the bathroom space at home today to give you some inspiration.

12 decoration strategies to teach you to create a stylish and comfortable bathroom space

The bathroom space is a place to liberate the body and mind. A good bathroom can stretch the soul, recharge the life, and let us welcome a new day. For modern people who are pursuing healthy and fashionable home life, the existence of bathroom is no longer just to meet the basic needs of life, but has evolved into a kind of enjoyment. As an important part of a happy home, the bathroom can be matched with a variety of styles.

How to choose the size of bathroom products? What preparations need to be made in advance for bathroom decoration

In interior decoration, the bathroom is often a decoration area that we easily overlook. Although its area is not very large, it bears important responsibilities in our lives, and the waterway of the bathroom is particularly complicated. If you do not control some details when decorating , Such as the size and size of bathroom products, or preparation before renovation, etc., will bring greater troubles to the future life, which requires us to spend a lot of energy and money to solve.

When is the most reasonable time to put the water retaining strip in the shower room

Of course, when laying the floor tiles, you must bury the water retaining strip 20mm under the floor tiles. So, dear friends, you must make an appointment for the measuring ruler before laying the floor tiles. We have designed several plans. You can go to the specialty store to choose the style. Send the water retaining strip in the shower room to your renovation site.

How to maintain the shower room

Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste on a cotton cloth regularly to wipe the hardware, rinse with water, and then wipe with a dry cotton cloth

Which is better aluminum shower room or stainless steel shower room

1. Comparison of corrosion resistance In terms of rust: aluminum alloy will not rust. The main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and the secondary alloying elements are nickel, iron, etc., stainless steel, mainly relying on the chromium-rich oxide film formed on the surface ( Protective film) to obtain anti-corrosion ability, that layer of protective film is extremely thin, strong, dense and stable, and it will not be damaged in general use!

What shower room pulley is good

Through the understanding of the pulley material, Better Shower Room has always purchased 304A stainless steel bearing roller pulley, and consumers can indicate on the order when confirming the order to extend the service life of the shower room.

What shower room hinge is good

Choosing a shower room hinge, the first important thing is durability: the hinge in the shower room that opens the door is the core of the shower room, as important as the heart of the human body, please see the effect diagram of the simulated door opening in the shower room design

What kind of shower room handle will not rust

304 stainless steel is the best shower room hardware among all current shower room hardware materials: high price, strong hardness, good rigidity, no rust, acid and alkali resistance, and strong toughness.
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